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Guidelines for Additions

Guidelines & Procedures for Interment

Please maintain the historic integrity of the cemetery used as a historic cultural funerary ground and abide by the Arizona State and/or County rules, regulations and laws governing burial of inhumation, cremains and the release of the cremation ash on private land. Contact Cemetery Committee for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Burial Guidelines

  1. The Fort Lowell Cemetery Committee will unlock the cemetery gate, allowing entrance for the funeral hearse and/or to allow for a limited amount of handicap parking.
  2. General parking is not allowed on the cemetery grounds.
  3. General parking located along Fort Lowell Road/Laurel Avenue. Do not block driveways or mailboxes. Allow room for Emergency vehicles.
  4. The Cemetery gate is not opened for burials of cremation remains or for the release of cremation ash. Request gate opened for funeral attendees requiring handicap parking.
  5. Locating the location of the new grave must be done by a family member.
  6. Grave preparation is done by the family or representatives of the family and are hand dug.
  7. Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association, Inc. does not have equipment for opening or closing a grave, and/or does not sell burial containers or liners.
  8. The burial of two bodies in one grave will not be permitted.
  9. The Fort Lowell Cemetery is a historic funerary ground. The possibility of uncovering remains is likely.
  10. Exercise caution while preparing for burial site & respectably re-cover unearthed grave and continue to search for a new grave site.
  11. The Fort Lowell Cemetery requires a container for burials or a grave liner to protect the burial plot and prevent the collapse of the gravesite.
  12. Burial of a Body: A Minimum 6 feet deep, 50 feet from property line and 150 feet from any water source.
  13. Burial of Cremation: A Minimum 3 feet deep enclosed within a box container.
  14. Cremations may be released on cemetery grounds, if the Interment Application was approved.
  15. No person will be permitted to use profane or boisterous language while on cemetery grounds or disturb the cemetery property.
  16. Person’s found on cemetery grounds after dark shall be considered a trespasser and are subject to authorities.
  17. Application for Addition, shall be submitted to Cemetery Committee prior to any permanent installation of a grave marker, plaques, structures, benches, statues or vegetation planted.

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