Fort Lowell Historic Zone Advisory Board
Nestled within the boundaries of the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood is the Fort Lowell Historic District, established in 1978. It includes a Hohokam Village, Fort Lowell, the village of El Fuerte (including the San Pedro Chapel and historical grounds) and associated structures. The Historic District exists to preserve the character of the area, encourage an awareness of its heritage, and provide for appropriate design of changes. The Fort Lowell Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The historic district area is also designated by the City of Tucson as one of six historic preservation zones (HPZ). HPZs were created with the purpose of maintaining and preserving the integrity of city areas that are important as significant parts of the human and cultural history of the city, the region, and the country. HPZs accomplish this by ensuring compliance with specific design guidelines and development standards for new construction and alterations to existing historical and non-historical buildings and environs.

The HPZ has an Advisory Board of Directors appointed by the City of Tucson, Mayor and Council. The Fort Lowell Historic Zone Advisory Board works to preserve the special ambience of this historic neighborhood for all: those presently living here, visitors, and the generations to come. It does this by advising the city on appropriate design of modifications or developments within the HPZ.

Board meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm and are open to the public. Agenda and minutes are published on the City Clerk Boards and Commissions website.
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