Welcome! | ¡Bienvenidos! The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association, Inc.  is dedicated to the following vision and values:

Neighbors working together
Connecting and strengthening our diverse community
Enhancing our environment and preserving our heritage

Cooperation   Integrity   Respect   Inclusion
Commitment   Caring   Communication
Fun   Spirit   Participation

We hope all neighborhood residents and supporters outside its boundaries will become members of the association and work with us to pursue this vision.

Mission Statement
Purpose and Mission of the
Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association, Inc.:
  1. Maintain and develop the way of life that the distinctive character of this neighborhood has encouraged.
  2. Ensure that the historical awareness expressed in this way of life be encouraged.
  3. Ensure that this historical awareness be recognized as not only of this neighborhood, but as an enhancement to the City, County and State.
  4. Maintain and enhance the semi-rural (semi-urban) character of this historic ambience that is part of Tucson's heritage.
  5. Preserve the unique (distinctive) character of the place and people of this neighborhood.
  6. Encourage the appreciation of the historical background.
  7. Build a sense of community within the neighborhood.
  8. Enhance community awareness of the Fort Lowell Historic District.
  9. Promote traffic safety and safeguard area from speeding traffic.
  10. Prevent the installation of curbs and sidewalks.
  11. Encourage provision for bicycles, bridle paths and running-walking paths.
  12. Place "Historic Area" and "Historic District" signs in their proper places.
  13. Publish a neighborhood newsletter.
  14. Encourage maintenance of rural and desert type vegetation.
  15. Prevent development which deteriorates the natural environment or poses a threat to the ecological balance, including air pollution, noise pollution, eye pollution.
  16. Ensure future building and remodeling be in conformance with the general architectural style of the present historic district.

OFLNA, Inc. Council

Council meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Turner  Building behind the San Pedro Chapel, and are open to OFLNA, Inc. members.

OFLNA, Inc. Council Members - elected Sept. 11, 2017

Jeanne Anderson, President
Frank Flasch, Vice President
Charlie Boyd, Treasurer
Julie Miller, Secretary

Council Members at Large:  Aaron Botehlo, Ralph Colwell, Mary Lou Fragomeni-Nuttall, Mike Grassinger, Gary Olson, Manuel Ramos.

Contact Us

Please contact the Association at info@oldfortlowellneighborhood.org
with questions, comments and to learn how to become more involved in the neighborhood. We’d love to hear from you!
About Old Fort Lowell Neighborhod Association, Inc.
Old Fort Lowell
Neighborhood Association, Inc.
Upcoming Events

Sept 24 - Neighborhood Potluck
Sept/Oct - Clean up Alamo Wash
Nov. 3-5 - Antiques & Collectibles Sale
Early Nov. - Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Ft. Lowell Cemetery

Feb. 10 - Fort Lowell Day / La Reunión de El Fuerte
Mar. 2-4 - Flea Market Sale
Late April/Early May - Alamo Wash Cleanup
May 20 - OFLNA, Inc. Annual Meeting and Potluck

5230 E. Fort Lowell Road (map)

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Read the Fall 2017 newsletter.

Old Fort Lowell Neighbohood Association, Inc.
5230 E Fort Lowell Road
Tucson, Arizona 85712
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