Antiques and Collectibles Sale

 Proceeds help support and pay for:
  • Old Fort Lowell Live-At-Home Program
  • San Pedro Chapel maintenance (a Tucson Historic Landmark)
  • Annual Fort Lowell Day celebration
Sale sponsored by:
  • Old Fort Lowell Live-At-Home Program
  • Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association, Inc.

Sample Consignment Form (pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the consignment terms?
Consignors receive 70% of proceeds from the sale of their items; OFLNA retains 30%.

What are the requirements to consign?
Our two requirements are that you pay a consignment fee of $25 and that you work one shift of two and a half hours. The $25 may be used to pay for your membership in the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association, if you wish to become a member.

Can I donate items for the sale?
Certainly! We accept donations all year long for both our fall antiques sale and the spring flea market. For donations you’ll receive a receipt for your tax records. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Must I work at the sale?
Not if you donate, but if you consign – yes. We expect all consignors to work one 2-hour shift during the sale or on prep days prior to the sale. Under certain circumstances, exceptions can be made – please contact us.

Are there any restrictions on what you accept?
Yes. For this sale we do not accept electronics, clothing, sporting goods, mattresses, or items too fragile to be handled safely. We reserve the right to reject items that we feel are overpriced or not appropriate for this sale. We will evaluate very large pieces of furniture on an individual basis as to whether or not the item can be safely moved with our limited resources.

Who determines how my items are priced?
You do, except that all consigned items must be priced at $8.00 or above and priced in even dollar amounts. Each consignor is responsible for pricing his/her own items; for filling out and applying the green price sticker/tag to each item; and for filling out the Consignment Form with the exact same information. If you need help pricing an item you are consigning, we have experts in several fields that might help.

Where do I get the forms, green stickers and tags?
We supply all tagging material. Our practice is to use distinctive green price sticker/tags for all consigned merchandise. We use white price sticker/tags only for items that have been donated to OFLNA. With this system, we are able to identify a donated or a consigned item at a glance. Call Dorothy at 326-0056 to arrange to pick up consignment forms and green price sticker/tags or to make arrangements for her to deliver them to you or mail them. Please plan on getting your consignment forms and green price sticker/tags well in advance of the sale so you can fill everything out at your leisure at home before bringing your items in to the chapel.

What information goes on the green price sticker/tag?
You will be issued a letter code which will identify your items. Each tag or sticker should have listed from top to bottom: Your assigned letter code and item number (BB-1, BB-2, for example); Brief Description (7-arm brass chandelier, for example); Price (even dollar amounts only, please) ($125, for example.) The sample consignment form shows how.

What information do I put on the consignment form?
You list all of your consigned items, with the information to identify them matching exactly what you put on the green stickers/tags. See the sample consignment form.

How do I check my items in for the sale?
You need to bring your consignment form with you when you bring your items to the chapel. Make sure the form is filled out and that each of your items has a green price sticker/tag firmly affixed. A volunteer will check you in, matching your items against your list to make sure everything is in agreement. You will receive a copy of your consignment form after your items are all checked in.

How will you keep track of my items and what sells?
If you fill out the consignment form and green price sticker/tag legibly and all of your sticker/tags match the consignment form exactly, we can keep an accurate record of your sales.

Do you ever mark down prices during the sale?
No. However, we do take offers from customers on items priced at $75 or more, and the offer must be at least 70% of the asking price. The offer is only valid if the item has not sold by the end of the sale. You will indicate on your consignment form if you are willing to consider offers; it is entirely up to you. If a customer makes an offer we will call you with the offer. It is your choice to accept or decline the offer; we cannot relay counteroffers. Be sure to write the phone number where you can be reached over sale weekend on your consignment form. We will definitely need to be able to reach you on Sunday afternoon after 1:00 to finalize any offers you’ve received.

What happens to the items I consign that don’t sell?
You need to pick your unsold items up during the designated times after the sale. A volunteer will check off the items you take home on your consignment sheet which verifies that they were not sold. Because we must vacate the chapel on Monday, any items not picked up by noon that day will be considered donations and will be kept by OFLNA. If you have difficulty with these times, please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Can I donate some or all items that don’t sell?
Yes, and many consignors do that. We will save your donations and sell them at a future sale. Also, we will give you a receipt for your donated items for your tax records. OFLNA is a 501(c)(3) corporation.

When and how will I get paid?
OFLNA will mail you a check within three weeks after the sale. We will also include a copy of your consignment form with selling prices noted.

Where do the profits from the sale go?
All profits after expenses support the work of two neighborhood organizations. The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association administers and maintains the chapel, implements neighborhood improvements, and works to preserve the historic character of the area. The Old Fort Lowell Live-At-Home program utilizes volunteers to provide services to elderly or disabled neighborhood residents to help them remain in their homes as part of the community.

How do I contact you? My question is not here.
Call us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions: | Dorothy Steele, 326-0056, | Julie Miller, 615-9176, | Diana Warr, 248-2869,