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Fort Lowell Cemetery Guide
Visitors are welcomed to walk through the cemetery. Located approximately one mile west from the San Pedro Chapel, at the corner of Fort Lowell Road and Laurel Avenue. Walk among the creosote bush and mesquite trees that flourish amid the graves. Review the names of those buried there, imagine the stories and say a prayer.
Please help us preserve the graves, for future generations.
Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
No burials allowed without approval
No digging or burial preparation without approval
Reserved only for Los Fuerteños descendants from Fort Lowell’s El Fuerte Village
No maintenance of grounds or planting without permission
No bicycles or motorized vehicles on premises
Not responsible for lost or damaged items
No rubbings of grave markers
No firearms or hunting
No pet waste, please take it with you and dispose of it properly
Visitors enter the cemetery at their own risk and will have no claim against the property owner for any injuries on premises
No metal detecting, standing, removing, damaging, defacing or tamping with gravesites, markers, rock outlines or cemetery architecture.
Violations under § A.R.S. 41-856; 41-841 to 41-846, 41- 865, 31- 2194.20. 32-2194.29 protected by Arizona Law
Burial Map & Directory
Download a copy of the Fort Lowell Cemetery burial map and the Guide to Burials at the Fort Lowell Cemetery – 2009 – Rows A-H | Rows H4-N | Rows O-Q (note: these are JPG image files)