The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association, Inc. holds events throughout the year that are open to the public.

February 11 - Fort Lowell Day
March 3-6 - Flea Market
May 21 - Annual Meeting

5230 E. Fort Lowell Road (map)
A special ceremony was observed during Fort Lowell Day on February 14, 2015, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of this small sanctuary.

La Capillita was honored with a gift of Papal Blessing bestowed by the Holy Father
from Rome as part of the occasion.

Originally built in 1915, La Capillita housed an altar from which services were conducted
to the community gathered under the shade of mesquite trees in front of the tiny structure. The priest was a Carmelite Father who rode in on horseback from The Holy Parish of Tucson.

The original building fell into ruin but, following an archaeological study in 1997, it was lovingly reconstructed with historical accuracy by local residents and students, drawn together for the project. La Capillita continues to this day to serve the neighborhood as a sanctuary.
La Capillita 1915-2015

Old Fort Lowell
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Upcoming Events

Sept 24 - Neighborhood Potluck
Sept/Oct - Clean up Alamo Wash
Nov. 3-5 - Antiques & Collectibles Sale
Early Nov. - Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Ft. Lowell Cemetery

Feb. 10 - Fort Lowell Day / La Reunión de El Fuerte
Mar. 2-4 - Flea Market Sale
Late April/Early May - Alamo Wash Cleanup
May 20 - OFLNA, Inc. Annual Meeting and Potluck

5230 E. Fort Lowell Road (map)

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