The Antiques & Collectibles Sale 2019 will be held November 1-3 at the San Pedro Chapel, 5230 E. Ft. Lowell Road. This event provides an opportunity for Tucsonans to donate items or place items for sale on consignment. Proceeds are split between OFLNA, which uses the funds to maintain its facilities and fund community programs, and the Old Fort Lowell Live-at- Home Program (OFLLAH). OFLLAH is a sister organization that utilizes neighborhood volunteers to provide a variety of services to older adults, disabled individuals, or those with temporary needs who live in our neighborhood. Click here for additional details.

Location: San Pedro Chapel, 5230 E. Fort Lowell Road (south side of Fort Lowell between Swan and Craycroft)

A&C D Olson
The annual Antiques and Collectibles Sale.

The annual Flea Market Sale is held in March at the San Pedro Chapel, 5230 E. Ft. Lowell Road. Anyone may donate items for sale, and all proceeds benefit the Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood Association and the Old Fort Lowell Live-At-Home Program.
We pick up your donations and provide tax receipts.  The only things we don’t take: Clothing, books, large appliances, electronics and mattresses. All else is acceptable!