About us

We are glad to see you on our oldfortlowellneighborhood.org website, where we share exciting information about mobile apps! We write our articles here to help you stay updated on the latest trends that appear and grow in such a beautiful field as mobile technology. In addition, we are glad to show you the most exciting and helpful software for your smartphone or tablet.

We look for new applications and test them professionally so that you can learn all the necessary information about their functionality and capabilities. In addition, we share with you tips and ideas on the use of mobile software. All this will help you use your iOS or Android device as efficiently as possible and without difficulties.

About me

Hi everyone, I’m Farid Salimov, an app developer in the delivery industry. I want to share with you a story from my professional life, which I hope will help you better understand my passion for this business.

I remember when I started my career: my first serious task was to create an app for a small home delivery company. As time went by, the company grew, and with it, so did the app’s functionality requirements. We faced a problem: users often complained about delays and errors in orders. It was not easy to solve this problem, but that’s when I realized the value of close interaction with users. After conducting several in-depth interviews and analyzing usage metrics, we were able to develop an updated version of the app that not only improved usability but also significantly reduced errors. This was the first step in my understanding of the importance of UX/UI design and its impact on the ultimate success of a product.

Since then, I always strive to make apps that not only fulfill their function, but also make the user enjoy the process of using them. I hope that my articles will help you to create the same successful and user-friendly solutions!