Feature films about U.S. museums

It is hard to imagine topics that would not be touched by world cinema. And in the films of different directors and studios, very often, the museums of the United States appear. Below are a few films that will not only delight you with an interesting story but also offer a virtual tour of the various museums. At the same time, the viewer will get an opportunity to learn different facts and look at these objects from an angle that is not available to ordinary visitors.

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Night at the Museum

A wonderful 2006 comedy starring Ben Stiller, who portrays Larry Daly here. He is a kind and simple-minded man. After his divorce from his wife, he no longer knows if he will be allowed to see his young son, as his ex-wife thinks he is an easygoing prat. To prove to his wife and the court his ability to take responsibility, Larry is hired as a night watchman at the New York Natural History Museum. Since he badly needs some kind of stable job.

Here, too, the position itself does not require much effort, and there is the possibility of a regular income. At least, that’s what Larry thought at first. And then, he quickly realized that he would have to guard the museum not only from hypothetical bandits but also from living exhibits. And among them, there are many interesting and even dangerous characters in the museum.

Night at the Museum 2

In the first part of this hilarious and educational comedy, the main character Larry Daly befriends President Roosevelt and the Indian Sacagawea, Chief Attila, and Pharaoh Akmenra, brave mini warriors in the person of Gaius Octavius and Jedediah. And after the events of the first part, Larry decided not to leave such an interesting place of work.

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Night at the Museum 2

However, in the second part, the main character will still have to leave. And not anywhere but Washington. The director of the New York museum came to mind to put in the capital branch a number of exhibits. And among them was the very plate that brings them to life. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the artifact is known about Kamunra, the cunning brother of the young pharaoh Akmenra. And Larry has to drop everything to go to the exhibition in Washington.

The Relic

In terms of its atmosphere, the 1997 film “Relict” is the exact opposite of the two parts of the comedy discussed above. And it is not surprising because it appears in the horror genre. According to the story, the scientist had to go on an expedition through the Amazon jungle. There he finds many interesting artifacts and sends them to the United States. Upon arrival, the artifacts are sent to the Chicago Museum, where a chain of strange and terrible incidents begins to unfold.

To investigate the police officer Vincent Dagosta, who has the support of Doctor of History Margot Green. As a result, the pair manage to make a discovery that will shed light on the mysterious incidents caused by the research scientists in the jungles of South America.

The Cheetah

The story centers on Theodore Dekker, whose mother was killed in a terrorist attack on the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Little Theo himself, who was with her during this terrible tragedy, was miraculously left unharmed. However, at the same time as his great loss, the boy also gained something.

Immediately after the terrorist attack, an old man who is dying gives the boy a couple of valuable pieces of art. We are talking about the painting “Chegol” by Karel Fabrizius and a ring that belonged to him. As a result, the value of these items sparked Theodore’s love of unconventional art. And he explores a world of amazing things, the meaning of which not everyone can understand.

The listed films will help connoisseurs of the respective film genres to have a pleasant time. And at the same time will tell a lot about the structure of museums and the order in which they reign.

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