Guggenheim Museum

It was recognized as the unique cultural site in New York City, which has one of the largest contemporary art collections in the world. Solomon Guggenheim became its founder.

This building is located in Manhattan and stands out in unusual shapes in the background of the surrounding buildings. Now, the Guggenheim Museum is a perfect example of a platform for modern art. The biggest installations are exhibited in the atrium itself, and also, the workers hang the paintings to the ceiling with the help of special cables.

History of creation

Artist Hilla von Rebay was a personal consultant to collector and magnate Guggenheim. It was her idea to create a museum that would house a huge collection. She suggested that the architect Frank Lloyd Wright commission the museum design. The magnificent, beautiful building that opened up the view of people impressed those celebrities who came to the opening ceremony of the Museum. Nevertheless, not every one of them liked the unique style of this building. However, they agreed with each other that the building met expectations and was unique.

In 1943, Rebay wrote a letter to our architect in which she shared the idea of building a museum.  At first, the architect was not interested in the project. After long negotiations, the philanthropist, as well as his assistant and the architect, finally arrived at a unanimous decision that satisfied the wishes of all parties. The site of the museum was chosen one on Fifth Avenue. This was one of the architect’s main requirements. According to the idea, his new creation was to become a symbiosis of architecture and nature and to optimise and beautifully integrate the building into the earthly life of the metropolis.

Wright approached the project with the utmost responsibility, and he took 13 years to make it a reality. That’s why the builders didn’t finish building the museum until 1959. Unfortunately, the architect himself and also philanthropist did not live to open the museum and died before this grand project was finished.

Spider sculpture
Spider sculpture


The foundation of the foundation is a collection of private philanthropists. Today, the Museum has in its collections works of almost all branches of modern art.

In addition, there is a collection of sculptures and photographs. The permanent exhibition consists of works of famous masters. Despite the different directions of the collection, the collection is quite complete. This museum does not divide works of art into historical intervals, certain mediums and geography.

Temporary exhibitions

Performances of musicians, theatrical performances, cinema screenings take place in this Museum regularly, as well as lectures, and are exhibited installations. The employees of this place organise tours, talk about shows, games and seminars. In addition, there are studios for family entertainment and art courses for children, as well as training programs and master classes. You can see the schedule of events organised by the museum specialists on the official website.

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