The best applications for car fans

Every year, more and more people abandon public transport travel in favor of the car. This has its logic since the car allows you to travel at a convenient time, stop at any place and plan the route yourself.

However, sometimes it happens that you do not know where you can book a room for the night, park a car or even rent it. In this case, technology will help us save time and nerves. In this article, we would like to describe a few applications that will help you on your next car trip.

Apps for searching and booking hotels is one of the most famous search and booking applications for hotels. will help you not only to find a hotel in the right city but also to learn opinions about it from other travelers as well as get discounts and bonuses. On this website, you can choose a hotel for price, location, and rating. is an application that will help you find and book a hotel, too. Moreover, every time you book, you will receive bonus points, which you can exchange for free nights at hotels. In addition, will give you many great special offers.

Expedia is another service for searching and booking hotels. It will give you not only the particular hotel but also the ability to book all services together, such as flights and accommodation. Moreover, with Expedia, you can book excursions.

Applications for searching and booking parking

ParkMe allows you to quickly and conveniently find the nearest parking, as well as assess its availability and price. In addition, you can find out in this application where the free parking is located.

Parkopedia is an application for finding parking spaces. It will give you detailed maps and information about the nearest parking lots, as well as shows their free places and prices. Parkopedia is available in over three thousand cities worldwide.

BestParking is an application for searching and booking parking spaces, which is available to you in more than a hundred municipalities around the world. It will help you not only choose a parking spot in the right place but also get discounts on long-term parking.

Mobile parking

Applications for car search and booking

Turo is an application for private car rental. Turo will help you find the car in the right place, choose a type of body and get it for rent. In addition, the rental price in Turo may be lower than that of classic rental companies. is an application for car rental from more than 900 companies worldwide. With this platform, you will be able to find and book a car without difficulty, as well as choose one in such categories as price and specifications.

Zipcar is a car rental service for an hour or a day. It is available to users in more than 500 cities around the world. Zipcar will help each user to find the nearest available car, book it and use the car for only the period of time that this user needs.

Applications for searching or booking cafes and restaurants

OpenTable is an application that will help you book a table in any restaurant and cafe in the city you choose. Its optimal structure in kitchen types, nearby seats, and available tables is what makes this program your indispensable assistant in finding and booking a restaurant.

TripAdvisor is an application that helps travelers find the best places to eat, relax and have fun while traveling. TripAdvisor will give you all the information about the rating of hotels and restaurants, as well as reviews and photos from other users.


Using applications to search and book hotels, parking lots, and cars makes traveling by car easier. They help people save time and money as well as avoid various difficulties. We advise you to choose the application that is the optimal one for you only. So you can get a lot of joy from your next car trip.

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