Child Phone Tracking Applications

Anxiety for your child, especially during the separation period, is a common occurrence that every parent is familiar with. As children grow older, they naturally want to be more independent, and they begin to defend their boundaries and the right to move around the city on their own. Furthermore, many adults cannot constantly supervise their children, even if the children themselves are okay with it.

Modern technologies make our lives much easier and help us solve many problems, saving us time, effort, and other resources. Child phone tracking applications, for example, are one of the examples of such technologies. These programs have a simple and user-friendly interface and, when launched, show users detailed instructions on how to pair them with other devices. You can download them for free from special online stores (depending on the operating system of your device). After the trial period ends, an application may require a subscription to activate special features.

Child Phone Tracking Applications for Android Devices

Special Android programs allow users to accurately determine the geolocation of another device (the possible error is only a few meters). They run smoothly and without failure, and some of them can keep a movement history. Such programs can be paired with both mobile phones and smartwatches:

  1. Where are my children? This tool not only informs worried parents about their child’s whereabouts but also allows them to listen to what is going on around them. A special function in the menu allows you to add unlimited users. The application also has a built-in family chat feature. In addition, parents can set safe zones on the map. If their child leaves those zones, they will receive a notification.
  2. ZOEMOB. This program can not only track the location but also determine the specific time that a person spends in a particular place and even measure their walking speed.
  3. PHONERADAR. The program boasts a number of premium options. It can, for example, store call and chat histories as well as provide a detailed movement history.
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Parental control has nothing to do with prohibitions, children’s personal boundaries and rights violations, or overprotection. It’s all about protecting children from inappropriate content and keeping them both mentally and physically safe. Child phone tracking applications mean convenience, accuracy, and protection of family relationships.

iPhone Applications

The most popular location-tracking application among iPhone users is My Friends. It has some extra, really useful functions in addition to the standard ones. One of them, for example, allows users to activate notifications and receive them when their child leaves or arrives at a specific location. The program can work both ways, which means children will also be able to see when their parents are approaching the school to meet them. Users don’t have to reconfigure settings every time they use the program. It saves templates, which can then be accessed at any time.

Users only need their personal Apple ID credentials to set up the tool. If you enable the Family Sharing option, the application will automatically add all family members to the tracking list.

Most applications provide a variety of map options to choose from. If desired, users can easily switch from a hybrid map to a satellite one. If parents are concerned that their child will remove them from their contact list, limiting the ability to track their location, they can activate a special function to prevent such actions.

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