Drinking Buddy description

More and more apps which have amazing purposes are being designed. Drinking Buddy app is definitely one of them. With its help you can find out what your friends are doing, and inform them when you:

  • decided to drink some beef
  • drank some hard liquor
  • entered a party
  • decided to have a cup of coffee

After you inform people about your activity, your friends or other users (depends on settings) can right away see it and your location. Download free android app, thanks to which you can inform people about an emerging or ongoing party. To make it more exciting and memorable you should download discolight app, a flashlight with music and strobe light.

Drinking Buddy’s designers paid attention to confidentiality. That’s why users can decide what elements of your account and information about the activities one sees on their pages.

Drinking Buddy’s confidentiality

If you don’t want to share everything you do with all people, activate a «Ghost» mode. It allows only your close friend to see your location. To switch the mode on, click «Drink now» and on the opened menu click «Visible only for friends». To switch the mode off, click «public» right there.

Keep in mind that other users can see your location only after your posting a new beverage. It means that location doesn’t update automatically, so it is impossible to see where a person goes. That’s why don’t try to use such android apks for surveillance.

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Other functions

  1. If you want not only to drink, but play something hilarious, you should go to beerbuddygame.com.
  2. If you want to change your nickname, click a circle on the map and click «Change nickname».
  3. If you need to block a friend, you cannot do it. Firstly, go to «Friends» section, choose the name of the person and click it, when you are on the person’s page, click the settings button and then «Delete»
  4. When you drink, the app makes a sound of pouring water. If you want to switch it off, go to section «Me», there is «Settings» on the left – «More». So there is the option you need.

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