The PocketMQO Application for Working with 3D Objects

PocketMQO is one of the most popular applications of its kind, created specifically for the needs of 3D graphics professionals. This application for Android smartphones will help you easily download and edit VMD, PMD, PMX, and MQO 3D models. Using the program, you can work with 3D objects, uploading and applying ready-made sets of sound samples and movements.

Key Parameters

The program is convenient to work with 3D models that perform a wide range of movements accompanied by appropriate sounds. It is compatible with MMD files and other entertainment content. Users can change proportions of objects, adjust shadows and lighting systems. The interface is displayed correctly regardless of the size of the display of the user’s smartphone or tablet.

In addition, if necessary, you can import a color palette or new textures into the program. 3D graphics enthusiasts can experiment with downloadable 3D models and objects on their smartphones and tablets. One of the advantages of PocketMQO is the low load on the hardware of devices.

Available Settings and Controls

The program supports multi-touch gestures, swiping, and double touching to move 3D objects and zoom them in or out. Users can take screenshots and expand the editing area to the full size of the screen. The advantage of this apk app is that it is free and does not spoil the experience with ads. This increases the usability since advertising banners in other applications often cover the editing zone.

In addition to downloading ready-made models, users can install downloaded sound settings, synchronize movements and animation of workpieces. Detailed descriptions of 3D templates allow you to edit errors by switching between different modes.

free download for androids

PocketMQO Features:

  1. application for editing 3D models;
  2. support for major graphic formats;
  3. 3D modeling of textures, objects, and lighting;
  4. the program is free;
  5. support for all Android versions.

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