Museums of USA

Today, there are museums in almost every city in America, in repeated numbers. They are famous for their unusual collections and collection of military equipment. We’re going to describe US museums in one article as briefly as possible.

  • Denver Art Museum. It consists of two different buildings. The interior is a four-floor aquarium. The real works of art of different historical eras are collected there. In this museum, you can find the pre-Columbian era, the art of African Indians, the folk art of Asia, Africa, and Oceania. The museum has works of art by French artists and a collection of works by the British artist Berger
  • It’s a modern Jewish museum. It’s in San Francisco. It was founded in 2008. Often people call it the Museum of Life because it is replete with information about the rich life of Jews. The ceiling of the building is in the form of a map of Israel. This museum is rich in exhibition halls, galleries, numerous auditoriums, and an educational center. There, you will hear of prominent Jewish personalities who have contributed greatly to the development of the world. It contains almost everything related to the history of the Jewish people.

    Modern Jewish museum
  • Milwaukee Art Museum. This American museum is one of the most famous in this country. It is located in Milwaukee and was founded in 2001. The museum will show you over 25,000 different art objects of different types and styles. The works of Gabriele Münter and Georgia O’Keeffe are the most appreciated. The local shop operates on the grounds of the museum where you can buy souvenirs. The same goes for a restaurant where visitors can eat delicious meals.
  • Titanic Museum of USA. It is located in the city of Piggy Forge, Tennessee. It is dedicated to the legendary cruiser. The building of the museum is made in the form of a ship on a scale of 1:2. The museum hosts guided tours where visitors learn about the history and lives of people who traveled on a liner many years ago. The museum has the real belongings of the crew and passengers who were raised from the ocean after the wreck. Without a doubt, you should be aware of the fact that the original things were poorly preserved, therefore, only realistic copies of them are presented to the attention. Today, this famous museum of the United States invites not only for a guided tour but also for celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

If you want to know what museums there are in America, read our articles more carefully. For this, you should go to other headings, and you can learn about any US museum of interest in more detail.

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