The Metropolitan Museum (USA)

The Metropolitan Museum in the United States is considered one of the largest art museums on Earth. It is located in New York City. The permanent collection, which is located in the museum building, has more than two million items. Over 5 million people visit the New York Metropolitan Museum every year.

The main building of the museum is located on Fifth Avenue, next to the Central Park of the city. It is worth remembering that this part of the museum is often called the Met. The museum was founded in 1870 by art connoisseurs with the support of businessmen. The museum received its first visitors in 1872.

Different colored badges were used by the museum administration as tickets previously: a separate color for each day of the week. People used to put badges like that on their clothes, and after going to the museum, they could take badges as a memento. The tradition changed only in 2013 when metal badges were replaced with stickers.


The Metropolitan Museum of the United States offers you a comfortable ticket payment system. You can go to the exhibition for any amount of money, even for one penny of the lowest value. Access to the exhibition hall is absolutely free. All you have to do is show your ticket.

The atmosphere is comfortable and cozy in the museum building. It has beautiful high ceilings and spacious rooms. Builders and architects took into account all the details when they designed the museum to make visitors feel comfortable.

You must prepare yourself for the fact that the museum will have a large number of visitors if you wish to visit the Metropolitan Museum. Since the first year of its work, the museum has received people who want to touch history and beauty. You will not be able to examine all the exhibits presented in the museum in one day, as this activity will require one week. Several fast-food cafes operate on the museum grounds.

You will be able to experience the unique art of great artists and sculptors when you visit the Metropolitan Museum. Exhibits from all over the Earth are there. For example, if you go to the French part, you will be able to see various street sculptures, in which in the central part of the building will be the facade of a real French mansion.

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