National Air and Space Museum

National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC has a huge collection of spacecraft and aircraft. The museum was founded in 1946 and its first name is the National Aviation Museum. The building is located next to the Capitol. It was because of this that the architects Kassabaum and Obbat were unable to fully realize their designs on the design of the museum.

However, the National Museum of Aviation and Space is not distinguished from other museums. The architects decided to implement a modern design in the form of granite cubes that are joined together by smaller glass cubes.

Most interesting exhibits of the Museum

Hundreds of artifacts are collected in the United States Space Museum, which is located in Washington, DC. The aircraft «Flyer» of 1903 brothers Wright is the most unique object. In addition, you should pay attention to the lunar module and module «Apollo-11», which you can even touch.

National Air and Space Museum

Next to Dallas Airport is the second building, which contains no less original and unique artifacts. Among them are aircraft «Lockheed SR-71», «Concord», «Boeing B-29», as well as «Enterprise» space shuttle.

You can see the suits in this part of the museum in which such astronauts as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin flew to the Moon. In the center of the museum, there is a theater where simulation flights are organized. The Museum has a local store that you can visit and buy souvenir products such as astronaut food.

The architecture of the American Aviation Museum

The architects of the Museum put a lot of effort into the construction of this building. The museum should not have been distinguished from the general background of the city. The reason for this was that the Capitol was next to this. Helmuth architects were able to accomplish their tasks to the maximum extent.

The National Museum of Aviation and Space was created on the basis of an original project, which was almost immediately approved by the administration. The idea was to build four marble cubes, which would be joined by passages of glass cubes that would house the museum’s main exhibits, such as airplanes, rockets, and spacecraft.

The museum has several similarities to the National Art Gallery. However, the builders used pink marble to create this building, which had its origins in Tennessee.

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