Museum of American History – what to see?

This museum was founded in 1964, joining a series of six places that make up the general gallery of museums on the National Mall in Washington. Until 1980 it was called the Museum of History and Technology. Then it was renamed to “National Museum of American History.” The museum building is located near the White House, where the government of the United States of America is located. The museum was created to collect and carefully store exhibits, which one way or another relate to the history of America and its people. The place is great for learning the history of the United States and Washington in particular.

It is worth noting that not only the name of the museum has undergone changes, but also the appearance of the building. The creators wanted to make the museum as compelling as the neighboring facilities of the National Mall. This project cost a fortune – about $85 million.

Museum of American History

As a result, the museum building was incredibly transformed, there is a backlit atrium, an extremely wide grand staircase, which makes the solemn atmosphere. An intuitive navigation system was added for all the museum sections. But the most important innovation was the creation of a special airtight container for the most important exhibit – the American Star flag. It is considered a national relic. It inspired John Stafford Smith to write the first American national anthem. No less valuable is the sculpture called “Infinity”. It is a huge metal ribbon sixteen feet long with the ends connected. Its creators were Jose de Rivera and Roy Gussow. Here you can even find the hat of one of the U.S. presidents – Lincoln – which he was wearing at the time of the assassination. Also, on display there is a part of the support of one of the World Trade Center towers, which was destroyed in an inhumane act of terrorism.

What else can you find in the museum?

The museum has a lot of items, including a variety of tools and weapons from the different times, and machinery that have been built in the United States throughout its history. The museum’s archives hold a vast array of documents, memoirs of famous personalities and politicians, even issues of magazines describing the most significant events in U.S. history. There is information about all American inventions and you can find their detailed history. Due to this the National Museum is always full of visitors, including hundreds of students and scientists, who can easily find the information they need.

Thus, every visitor to Washington should come to the National Museum of American History. Once here it is difficult not to return, because it is simply impossible to see the entire exhibition in one day. Another incentive to visit the museum is the various workshops and master classes that are held there. Also, the museum has an online tour if someone can’t get to the museum in person.

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