Museum of Ice Cream in New York – a fairytale for children and adults

Pastel interiors, a large slide, a pool sprinkled with colored pastry crumbs, and, of course, ice cream – a museum has reopened in New York and its decoration is truly fabulous. Its first opening was in early 2020, then there was a break due to the epidemiological situation. And now the ice cream museum pleases all the lovers of this delicious delicacy.

It may not give you a lot of knowledge about your favorite dessert, but you can definitely take a lot of pictures there for your social media.

Museum of Ice Cream is an unusual museum, it is nothing like a typical space with exhibits in showcases. There are several themed rooms and each has its own smell: the smell of fruit, berries and, of course, ice cream.

Museum of Ice Cream in New York

There is a garden of magical delicacies, a cave of fizzy lollipops and much more that will remain in the memory for a long time. No one will be left indifferent by the various types of ice cream that can be bought at the store.

“We create compositions that bring people together and give them joy. For us ice cream is more than just ordinary dessert, it is a universal symbol of happiness. Every day here begins with a swim in the pool with sprinkles, “- written on the museum website. We should add that anyone can plunge into the pool.

The word “museum” can confuse the visitors. A more appropriate name is a playground for adults and children, or Willie Wonka’s Land of Roses, Cotton Candy and Sweets.

The founder Meriellis Bann emphasizes this: “Looking at such an initiative from a temporary perspective, I wouldn’t call the place an ice cream museum, because it’s not a museum. There are often visitors who are waiting for some historical excursions, but this was not important for us.” She is proud, as are all the employees, that their brainchild is one of the ten most popular and visited museums in the country.

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